Sixteen Nocturnes and a Lantern - William Howard

Sixteen Nocturnes and a Lantern

William Howard

  • 1. Clara Schumann Notturno in F major Op.6 No.2 (from Soirées Musicales)
  • 2. Maria Szymanowska Nocturne in B flat major
  • 3. Frédéric Chopin Nocturne in E flat major Op.9 No.2
  • 4. Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel Notturno in G minor
  • 5. Gabriel Fauré Nocturne No.4 in E flat major Op.36
  • 6 Cécile Chaminade Nocturne in B major Op.165
  • 7. Francis Poulenc Nocturne No.4 in C minor Bal fantôme
  • 8. Edvard Grieg Notturno in C major Op.54 No.4 (from Lyric Pieces)
  • 9. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Nocturne in C sharp minor Op.19 No.4 (from Six Pieces)
  • 10. Amy Beach Nocturne in E major Op.107
  • 11. Sergei Rachmaninov Nocturne in A minor Op.10 No.1 (from Morceaux de salon)
  • 12. Alexander Borodin Nocturne in G flat major (from Petite Suite)
  • 13. Giuseppe Martucci Nocturne in G flat major Op.70 No.1
  • 14. Ottorino Respighi Notturno in G flat major (from Sei Pezzi)

William Howard's latest album, "Sixteen Nocturnes and a Lantern," brings listeners a rich tapestry of piano masterpieces. The carefully curated selection traverses genres and eras, from Clara Schumann's timeless elegance to the contemporary allure of Howard Skempton's "Lantern" (2023). As one of Britain's preeminent pianists, Howard's solo career, marked by performances at prestigious festivals and renowned venues such as Wigmore Hall, has been augmented by his central role with the Schubert Ensemble, one of the country's most successful chamber groups. A recipient of the Royal Philharmonic Society Award for Best Chamber Ensemble, Howard's collaborative and educational contributions have left an enduring impact.

His dedication to the repertoire of the mid-to-late 19th-century, demonstrated in his passion for Schubert, Chopin, Schumann, and Fauré, resonates throughout this album. Notably, his exploration of Czech piano music, celebrated with a medal from the Czech Minister of Culture in 1986, adds a distinctive flavour. Beyond interpreting established works, Howard actively engages with contemporary compositions, evident in his collaboration with Skempton and the initiation of an international composing competition. With a track record of over 100 premieres, Howard continues to champion new voices.

Building on the successes of previous recordings on Orchid Classics, amassing streams of over 15 million plays across three previous albums, "Sixteen Nocturnes and a Lantern" promises audiences a compelling blend of timeless classics and contemporary gems, further solidifying William Howard's standing as a luminary in the world of piano performance.