The Sleep EP release cover image

Garden in Summer EP

Julian Marshall with Avigail Tlalim

  1. Garden in Summer
  2. Sunlit Hour
  3. Canopy
  4. Yours is the Heart

Garden in Summer is a cross-disciplinary, ekphrastic audio piece, that interweaves music and poetry to beckon the listener towards gardens remembered, summers echoing across decades, romances captured and lost, and myths made manifest. Its bright light creates long shadows; the ghost of a pervading, dark presence reaches across the glittering insects and singing skin. Combining composition by Julian Marshall, voice-work by Avigail Tlalim and direction by Anastasia Bruce-Jones, three 21st Century British artists meet in the soundscape of 1980s Latin America to summon a poem written in 1930s Germany by Gertrud Kolmar.